About Thought & Theory

Thought & Theory focuses on creating, building and designing web applications. We specialize in simple and elegant solutions and have been blessed to work with some amazing clients over the past two years.

What Makes Us Different

When working with most web companies, you have to choose between a company that is technically proficient or one that has a solid foundation in design fundamentals. We believe being grounded in both disciplines allows T&T to better serve clients without compromise and to better understand the problem at hand.

Shops We Work With

  • Halftone Def Studios
  • P41 Studios
  • Hashrocket

Client List

  • Venuetastic
  • Indistr
  • PopSignal
  • Inquisix
  • The Common
  • Bizo
  • DoInk
  • Wwweekend
  • Geezeo
  • Cliqset
  • Kanye West Foundation
  • Kanye West / West Brands